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(Our 15 th Year In Business!--Order with Confidence)
Most of the orders are processed on the same day we receive them.  If you don't receive your order within 24 hours, please email ( to let us know (unless it is weekend, holiday, or postal mailing is required).

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Selective Categories & Rate/Thousand for in-house Postal addresses, Fax Numbers and eMail addresses*

LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL OFFER: To introduce our quality eMail addresses (for orders of 3000 or more), we're offering a discount of 75% off our original price. That comes to only $15 per thousand, including shipping & handling.

*Up to 50% discount on larger orders of 10,000 or more. For orders less than 1,000 add $20 extra to regular price (e.g. 500 names $35+$20=$55.00). All orders are Rush-Shipped by first-class/priority mail for $10 Postage & Handling irrespective of weight (or sent same day to your email address FREE).

**Add $1.00 extra for each 100 names on peel and stick labels. Phone numbers are $2.00 extra for each 100 names.  Postal addresses from a specific area in the United States are also $2.00 extra for each 100 names.

**Names are also available on Computer Diskettes (IBM and IBM Compatibles or Apple Macintosh). Minimum order is 1,000 names and please add $1.00 extra for each 100 names on computer diskettes.

Check for FREE DEALERSHIP: You earn 50%.  We fill orders.

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(In American Express 4 digits number printed above your account number on the face of card)


Since personal checks take about 2 weeks to clear your bank, you can expedite the process by sending money order, cash or Western Union Money Transfer  Payable to: Elite  Publishing (Orders with cash, money order, Western Union Money Transfer, PayPal payment or credit card are processed on the same day we receive them.)

Make your Check or Money Order payable to Elite Publishing, and send to:
Elite Publishing, 770 Samantha St, Mountain House, CA 95391, USA

ŠEP/NEP/DPC Press is in business since January 9,1986

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